Only King Forever

Unmatched in all Your wisdom
In love and justice You will reign
And every knee will bow
We bring our expectations
Our hope is anchored in Your Name

Expectation is a powerful thing. It can give us the hope of something great to look forward to. It can give us that extra bit of motivation to move on. It can excite us and and make us eager about life. It can give us peace in troubled times. But on the other hand, it can stops us in tracks, make us want to give up and not try. It can nock us down so low that we look at life as some kind of curse. Expectation can guide our actions and attitudes and any situation and it’s got the potential to become a giant in the mind. No matter who you are, we all deal with expectations both positive and negative.

Sooner or later, you will face a situation that will not match your expectations. Depending on what you had in mind, this could be a good thing or bad thing. Often times though, we are slammed with disappointment because life just doesn’t turn out to be what we hoped and dreamed.  We learn this as we grow up. As a child, life is perfect! Our imaginations are running wild! We can do and be who ever we want to be! Our dreams of becoming that astronaut is going to be a piece of cake. But then “reality sets in.” Oh, you mean I can’t just become a superhero if I wanted? People we face in life can actually be mean? That person I really loved doesn’t love me the way I loved them? I have to work to earn money to survive on my own? All of things are harsh have a way stealing away any good expectation we once had. But my question to you is, what are you expecting out of life right now?

Christ presented himself to us in way that showed us what to expect from Him and His Father. He did not hide anything. He showed us that love is the most important thing. He showed us that everyone can be loved  as He was/is loved. He showed us that we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves. He showed us that everlasting life awaits those who put their trust in Him and all things work together for the good of those who love Him. ALL THINGS! What a great expectation to grab onto and cherish.

Honestly, sometimes things won’t add up in your life. You will be left wanting and ultimately unsatisfied with the lemons you get out of life. But if you focus on Christ and all that He is, you will find that He can meet your expectations according to His will. You will find that those lemons you got from life aren’t that bad, especially when Christ can give you the sugar and water to make some sweet lemonade. (metaphorically speaking)

Be Blessed my friends!


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