Like A Fire

Let Your presence come and saturate
Every part of me make me new
Let Your Spirit come and move within
Fill me once again cause I need more

We are a peculiar people. We are constantly on the move, constantly searching for some type of fulfillment. Whether that would be relationships, friendships,  a fun time, more money, etc, we are looking for something that could satisfy us completely. It’s like we were born with this hunger in our hearts that motivates us to go out and take in whatever can fill us. And guess what?

It’s wasn’t always like this.

When God first created us, he created us with a purpose and specific design; to worship Him and share in all of His glory.  In the garden, we were set, always being filled with the presence of God, never experiencing pain, sorrow, hate, hunger, or thirst. Always and constantly being satisfied with the life that was given to us. Never doubting, never complaining and always trusting in the creator of the universe, our father. That sure does sound way different from today.

I know that you know what has caused this great change amongst humanity. I know you know that sin wages a constant war in our hearts to distract us from living the way God intended. What I don’t know, is what are you doing about it? Are you letting your hunger and thirst get the best of you by going to all the wrong places for just a taste of fulfillment? All those places that are essentially not of God, not of righteousness? Are you not looking to God as your all in all? The God who satisfies.

It’s hard.

So many things pull at us today and you know it. But take heart, even though the world may be pulling away at you, through Christ Jesus, you can overcome the world. He has laid the foundation down for you to walk freely once again down the path of His righteous in communion with the father personally. This path is straight but it is narrow.

I encourage you to take the risk, face the opposition, and make the tough decisions to stay on the path. Because my brothers and sisters, there you will fill satisfaction like you have never experienced. Just let God reign in your hearts and your yoke will be easy and your burden will be lite.

Be Blessed!


Love Goes On

Through every rise and fall
We are forever Yours
One thing we know is sure
Your love goes on

What a wonderful thing it is to know that through the best moments of you life and through the worst moments of your life, God’s love never leaves us. What a blessed assurance we have that He never fails us, that we can always hope in Him. We have  this amazing confidence and peace knowing that He walks with us, that He knows our weakness and He strengthens us to carry on. That like a loving father, He takes care of us and encourages us to grow. This kind of love is priceless and beyond comprehension. I mean, even reading it sounds a little too good to be true.

So, it’s time to be honest with yourself.

Where are you today? Do you have this confidence and assurance permeating through your life? Are are living your life to the fullest knowing that God is there with you by your side forever? Does this love excite you more that anything and gives you peace to trust in Him?

Or are you, like a good portion of us, feeling lacking? You read the statements above and it does nothing for you. Are you feeling gipped of jaded because maybe you believe God hasn’t loved you the way you wanted? Are you angry with God? Are you just not sure yet that you can trust God with things like your finances, relationships, future, time, and sufferings?

I think we all fit in one of these categories and it is our job, I mean your job, to take some time and honestly look at these questions. I guess the point I am trying to make is that God wants to meet you where you are at no matter where you are at. Won’t you give Him the time of day to speak to you?

If, you do, maybe, just maybe you will find that the first paragraph is too good and it is true.

Be Blessed my Brothers and Sisters!


The ground began to shake
The stone was rolled away
His reckless love could not be overcome
Now death where is your sting?
Our resurrected King
Has rendered you defeated

Have you ever had something weigh your spirit down so much that you felt like you were going to break? Be it, worry, doubt, sorrow, frustration, anger? I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we have all been there. Sometimes certain circumstances are too much for us. We are desperate to find relief but it seems like nothing is good enough. This is a place where Satan wants to keep you, a place of hopelessness. A place where you don’t feel free. A place where you believe the cross has no impact or meaning. This might be a little crazy to say, but have you ever felt like the cross isn’t enough?

If we look honestly at ourselves, we might find that there are times when we believe this to be true… that God is not enough to fix this incredible problem that weighs us so terribly down. It’s times like these that we need to sit down, refocus and look at the real problem. Because believe me, most of the problems we face, though they be external, are actually an internal problem, a heart problem. This is the real issue and has always been the issue.

Where is your heart today? Is it closed to the almighty God? Maybe because you are angry with Him? Or is it so open that you take Him for granted and miss important revelations? What ever condition you are in, it is important for all of us to look at the real weight that was destroyed that day. The real issue that was dealt with when he hung on that cross, the issue of our condemned and broken hearts. This is what God resolved that day. This is one of the greatest works God has done on our behalf. Once we realize this and have Him take hold and fix our hearts, it in turn affects our outlook of our circumstances. You can have freedom and hope in whatever circumstance you are in! He promises this, but only if you let Him.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Where is your heart today?

Be Blessed!