Good to Me

When I’m bowed down with sorrow I will lift up Your name
and the foxes in the vineyard will not steal my joy
because You are good to me, good to me

You know as well as I do that life can get hard. For example, just when you think things are going great the “universe” throws a wrench in your plans. We get knocked down a peg or two. Whether it’s bad news, bad circumstance, bad decisions, It’s not fun. At all. And what do we do when this happens? Well, we either break down at that very moment  and yell “Mercy!” or we brush things aside, put our chin down and just push and push, fighting for every step till we get through. I admit that often times, I choose the latter.  Why not fight  the circumstance that has surrounded you and push on? Why not stare the problem in the face,  steam roll it and move on? Sounds kinda heroic  doesn’t it? I mean, doesn’t that seem like the most Christian thing to do? But what I have found about this approach is that we aren’t mean’t to be the hero…

Listen to me brothers and sisters, when you take things into your own hands, you expose something… your weakness. And what does sin like to do in these circumstances? It wants to exploit every bit of weakness you got. It cleverly sends in things like doubt, sorrow, regret, the silent killers. These “foxes” infest and eat up every single resource your vineyard could ever produce. It steals your effectiveness in love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self control and so on. Whether by tackling your problems by your own power, ignoring them , or just plain giving up, you are letting yourself get robbed of all kinds of goodness that God has gifted you with and there is nothing you can do except cry out…

We cannot do this alone.

And the good news is, is that we are not alone!

God is so good. No matter the circumstance, no matter how much you have been robbed, He remains the faithful giver, comforter, sustainer, and life breather over us. He is the source of our very hope for a better future. He is the source of love that covers and comforts all. He is our source of strength in the weakness that we foolishly rely on. Why are we not tapping in to all that He has ready for us? Why do we seem to think that we do not need Him in every decision we make? These are questions I cannot answer for you. All I can do is seek God on my own behalf. Won’t you take some time today and reflect and all His goodness? Reflect on all that is available to you?  Whether you are in the thick of it or flying high, make Christ the center of all you choose to be. Let these words be an encouragement to you… there is always someone there for you.

Be Blessed!



We’ve only glimpsed, His vast affection
Heard whispers of, His heart and passion
It’s pouring down.

If I am going to be honest here, sometimes I think that He hasn’t done a very good job of blessing me.  Sometimes I think, Is this it? Surely there is more? Surely God loves me enough to fix this issue I’m dealing with? Sometimes I go through my day not expecting anything from God. Though, I completely expect that I can handle whatever I need to handle. Surely I will get it done and make my life better by my own power. Sometimes I refer to my own wisdom then rather ask God. Cause at least I will get an answer to myself quicker than God could get me an answer. Sometimes, I think I can take care of myself better than God could.

I am guilty of this… Are you?

The Bible tells us God is beyond abundant in love and resources. He is infinite in wisdom and justice. And He is ALWAYS right and ALWAYS good. And if we say they believe this then why are some of us stuck in the straight jacket of apathy towards God. Apathy is just like all the other sins in the sense that it doesn’t broadcast that it is present. It sneaks up on you a viper in the grass. It wraps itself around you are starts to choke you until it’s time to strike. By the time you realize it,  it will be to late. If only we can open our eyes. To see it coming. To shake off this apathy.

God has given us a tremendous gift to counter act all of these life paralyzing symptoms. He has given us the ability to have faith through Jesus from the Father. Yes, there will be times of hunger. Yes, there will be times of doubt. Yes, there will be times of hurt and pain but God has promised us, His Children, that He will never leave us nor forsake us. He has promised that He is THE good Father and the good father takes care of His children. I wish I could tell you that there was a fast food way of getting all the answers you need in this life, but there isn’t. The truth is that answers come in there own time, God’s time. And in the meantime, we need to look to Him and have faith that God is everything we could ever need and everything we could ever want. We have only glimpsed His vast affection. We have only heard whispers of His heart and passion. How much more so does He have in store for us! He is ALWAYS GOOD and He is CONSTANTLY pouring His love on us. The only thing holding us back from living like we believe this is our very own unbelief but it can all change right now.

Make a change today.

Be Blessed my friends.