“Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?” – Psalm 139: 7

There is literally no where we can run from His presence. He is what is holding everything together. All things are functioning because it is Him that allows it. All creation is a witness and declares the Glory of the lord. He governs all things on earth with wisdom we cannot comprehend and His eyes see into the hearts of every man and woman. He is present in everything.

Then why do we feel like sometimes He is the most distant being ever?

Have you ever learned something from school and then years later, even months later  you forget what you learned? Have you ever been in a relationship were you spent the first months eating up all the information about that person but then a year or two later you stop figuring stuff out about him or her and you realize that you don’t know who that person is anymore? Or how about, training everyday to compete in a sport, then you stop, years later you try to play that sport and you realize how out of shape you are? I think you know what I am getting at.

The human race is flawed in a sense that without actively pursuing something we return to a default way of thinking or doing. And being that we are human, our default is everything imperfect, everything that is wrong for us, everything that is unhealthy, everything that is sin before the Lord.

So of course, if we are not actively living a life a righteousness we are by default living a life of unrighteousness. If we are not seeking to hear from God, or not reading the huge multi-book love letter also known as the bible, or even not talking with Him, we will most definitely feel distant from the God whose presence is everywhere. Our hearts become closed to Him without choosing to open up to Him.  And sometimes you don’t even realize that you heart is closed!

So, I challenge everyone of you. Find an area in your life in which you feel like God is distant and find a place that is separated from everything else. Kneel, pray, listen, read and ask. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and, everything shall be added to you. That is a promise.

This song is crying out to the Lord. It is choosing to take a posture of humility before the Lord. Asking Him to fill us up after we have opened out hearts and emptied whats inside. And always, what He has for you is better than what you have for yourself. Enjoy and be blessed.

“You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” – Psalm 16:11



I think you would agree with me if I say we have to be careful with our words. You know as well as I, that words can shape and mold who we are. They can shape our beliefs and they can affect the people around us. But there are certain words that can have an explosive effect on what we personally believe, words like, “never”, “forever”, “completely” and “always”. Nowadays, these absolutes get thrown around like they are weightless, like everything can be an absolute.  You may have heard “never” used in an argument. Like for example, “You never listen to me!” or “I never get to do what I want!” You may have even used these nuggets a time or two. Nevertheless, somewhere along the lines, we have been fed a lie. A lie that often takes root in our hearts during a time of anger, pain, jealousy, sorrow, loneliness, hate, etc. This lie has told us that something that is never meant to last forever all of a sudden “seems” like it is going to be forever.  And putting on this attitude of never ending hopelessness has a tremendous negative effect on our perspective of the situation. Something that may seem trivial at first becomes an overwhelming giant that can never be defeated. And knowing that this warping is happening in your mind is something that is most important to take into account. In what context does this attitude take hold of you? A question that should be asked every time you go through something challenging. And depending on what context you surround your issue with, you will see that the problem can be seen in a number of different ways, perhaps maybe even a better one.

God says that this world is a fleeting whisper, that we are just a breath.  In the grand scope of eternity, the pain and trial we face here is only but for a little while. With this in mind, what ever you are going through, and hear me when I say this… It will not last forever. It will not remain. It will not follow you endlessly. It is very very dangerous for you to believe that the circumstances that you are facing will be permanent. This attitude will bring you down. You will hurt yourself and others around you. That is the truth. But take heart my friends. More specifically, take hold of God’s heart. Consider all that He is and put your faith in Him. For He is the only thing that will last forever. And when he says it, He means it. He IS eternal. He is the only one capable of saying such absolute words. In christ Jesus, He will ALWAYS love you. He will NEVER leave you. He is COMPLETELY yours. And His love will last FOREVER.

I encourage you to put on this faith and see this world in the context of His eternal glory. For in it, your burden can be near impossible to find. Instead you will find hope.

Have a blessed day my friends!

He Is Faithful

Have you ever praised someone for doing something great and secretly in the back of your mind you think… “I wish i could have done that”?

I think it’s no surprise to all of us that there are people in this world that are just better at doing things than we are. But not just random things but things we personally strive to be the best at. Whether it’s sports, design, academics, we all can get very lost in this game of who’s better than who. And ultimately, comparing ourselves to another begins to seep into our mind. And then, not to long after that, jealousy starts to invade our hearts. It all can be a very slippery slope and it all begins when we put your focus on another human being. Don’t get me wrong, being inspired by someone is fantastic but it’s when we look to that human being as the end all be all we will eventually realize that we can never measure up. Why? Because we are not them. We are uniquely different and uniquely purposed.

Nevertheless, I believe this issue comparison is something that we will never get rid of and that’s ok. In fact, I believe God made us with an innate sense to latch on to something or someone better with the purpose of propelling us forward. But sin, like it always does ruins God’s plan for us. It makes us believe that in the presence of something or someone greater, we can never add up. We are worthless. But also like always, Jesus provides a way to restore what was once lost.

Yes, in comparing ourselves to the perfect Jesus, we will inevitably begin to see our own imperfections. God means for this to happen. He means for you to realize, “Wow, I am messed up.” But also, God has given us a way to move past that mindset and status. And this is where the death, burial and resurrection of Christ performs the ultimate miracle! Instead of not being able to obtain perfection, Jesus opens the flood gates and gives us access to the Father and all of heavens blessings through the Holy Spirit! He makes us His own!! WHAT?! Yes, through comparing ourselves and looking to Jesus (the only perfect man/God) we not only find that we can not measure up to perfection, we find that through Jesus’ sacrifice we can measure up because it is Him that lived the life that we should have and it is Him that has given His life to us! For those who are in Christ Jesus, we have the freedom and joy of saying and believing that, “It is not me, but Christ that lives in me!” He has paid the highest price for our salvation and future!

It’s totally ok that you will never be the best basketball player in the world, or the best web designer, etc. But by the grace of God, you will be the best (enter name here) that there will ever be and where ever that takes you, that is for God to decide.

This song reminds me of the faithfulness and greatness of who God is. And it’s through comparing where I am to Jesus that I can find hope and strength to live righteously just like He is righteous.

Be blessed my friends!