The Anthem

Aloha my friends!

Welcome back to EoHG!

Check out this song we are going to sing this sunday!

All of our hope, all of our peace, all our joy, all our faith, all our of love rests on one thing. This thing is the focal point that can make sense of this messy, crazy life. It is the eye of the hurricane, it’s the cornerstone that gives structure and life to all we believe.  It is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So many times in this life we forget this. We forget that the victory has already been won for us. We forget that there is a Loving Father who cares about every detail of our lives. We forget that we have a Just Father that will discipline His children. We forget that God is a Faithful God through all our trials. We forget that everything we do In Christ will not fail!! We go on as if all is lost. This is the biggest lie that Satan wants us to believe! It is the furtherest from the truth! We are found because of Jesus! We have life because of Jesus! We have power and self discipline because of Jesus!!

What is it that you have forgotten?

Because odds are there is something that you are not resting in. We all have that kind of thing.  You are toiling, you are anxious, you are trying to work this on your own. If we are honest with God He will reveal it and He will ask you to give it up.

I challenge you to lay this and EVERYTHING at the foot of the cross.

REMEMBER… we have victory, we have hope, we have joy, we have strength, we have the answer that will guide us through this life and it all rests on what He has done for us on that cross! As long as we lean on this, we can be victorious in all we do.




Konnichiwa my friends!

Welcome again to EoHG,

Before we get into the nitty gritty, check out the song below. 🙂

When was the last time you ran out of something? Say gas? Or perhaps food in the fridge? Or maybe time? How about friendships? Has a friend ever stopped being a friend to you? Unfortunately, this life is full things that will end. So full in fact, that I believe we grow either accustomed or numb to that inevitable expiration date. Things begin and things end, thats it. Life starts at birth and then ends in death. It’s actually really scary when you think about it. Everything will end… eventually. Well, except for one thing. I think you know what I am getting at.  But have you ever stopped and pondered this… His love will last FOREVER. It won’t end! It won’t run out on us! And not just that, but for those who are in Christ Jesus, we are His FOREVER. He is the perfect sustainer. He is the limitless strength in our bountiful weakness. He is the Hope that will never fail us, that will never leave us. He is our great protector that will always fight for us and He will ALWAYS win. In the very midst of all of our failings, all our sorrow, all our pain, Jesus will reigns supreme!

So take joy my friends! Take heart! Sing of Him who reigns forever and ever. Dance in the freedom of salvation. The Lord your God is a just God and loving God. He is Love with no end! His mercies and new every morning. His endless grace is more than sufficient for all of our mistakes, for all our troubles. His wisdom is reaches beyond normal understanding. His faithfulness you cannot comprehend!

We are safe.

We are loved.

We will live forevermore with Him.

Be encouraged my friends. The life we have in Jesus will not end.


Burning Ones

Holla my amigos,

Welcome to another edition of EoHG,

We have an awesome song for you this week! Check it out.

The point in which we turn and look upon the face of Christ is a life-changing, soul-burning moment. It is a paradigm shift. If we truly ask Him to come into our lives, we are consumed by all that He is, all His Holiness, We are transformed into something better. God is not a god of little power. He is a God that gives you freely His own power and holiness through the Holy Spirit. We often times forget that the God we worship is still the same God that performed all those great miracles in the past. The same God that laid the foundations of the earth and placed the light in the sky and much more. He is the same God that CAN do GREAT things in your life! So why are the bunch of us, including myself, sometimes feel like thats not true? What does it take to see greatness? The bible says, “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God.” That my friends, is a promise that will never fail us. But before that promise can be fulfilled, the first step is cultivating a pure heart. How do you do that? 1 Peter 1:22 says, “Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere brotherly love, love one another earnestly from a pure heart,” So what does it take to gain a pure heart? …Obedience.

This song is a call to come before the Lord Almighty, and humble yourself. To look upon the face of God is to put yourself last. To set things right in your life. He is ever faithful and is eager to take up your heart and fill it with wisdom and courage. All He is waiting for is you. Will you answer the call to be obedient? If you will greatness awaits.

Be Blessed my friends

Revelation Song

Hello my friends,

Welcome to another glorious edition of EoHG.

This week has been a very interesting week… Without going into to much detail God, has challenged His position in my life. What I mean by that is, He has asked me, “Am I your everything?” What a big question! And I don’t know about you, but this isn’t the first time He’s asked me that. I usually answer, “Of course you are God. You are my everything.” But If i am going to be honest, I really mean it only when the time is right for me, or convenient for me. When distracting circumstances come my way, it gets increasingly hard to say that with all my heart, let alone when I feel like He is “distant”. It’s almost like God is trying to connect with me face to face and I have my face stuck on my phone looking at Facebook or something. LAME!! Have you tried talking to someone about something important and all they do is stare at their phone or something else?? It would make you feel very very very unimportant.

But here is where it gets interesting… Instead of God feeling worthless and leaving us be, His heart breaks for us BECAUSE we are hurting ourselves by being distant from him!!! That’s right folks, WE are the distant ones. He doesn’t want your attention just because He wants to feel good about Himself. He wants it because when we look upon the face of the Lord, we are lifted up, we are encouraged, we are rescued, we are shaken from apathy!! And God wants that for YOU!! He wants you to set your gaze on the glorious, not something or someone that will ultimately fail you and let you down.

Where are you today? We will be singing this following song this sunday, make it be a time of surrender.

Like always, I can’t wait to sing with you all.

Be Blessed

Kings & Queens

Hello my friends!

I hope you all enjoying this fine day! But not too much… its hot out there. lol

Well, this week is going to be a little different. You know, I’ve got to throw a curve ball every now and then. So here it is… I will not be at Resonate this Sunday. :/  …but still for your listening pleasure! I have a song for you. 🙂

This song is one of those songs I think we will never do in a service, but still needs to be heard. And what a better way to share it than with this blog! Check it out I hope you are blessed by it.

The moment you realize you are nothing compared to who God is, something miraculous happens. Jesus steps in, stands before God, who has every right to condemn us to hell, and offers Himself to take upon the lowest position and greatest punishment… our place. He then did what we can never do, He rose from the death we deserved and brought with Him the salvation we could never earn. Ultimately showing us that it is the last that shall be first. It is the humble that will be exalted. It is those who live to give who will receive much. And it is the obedient that will be free.  It is Jesus who was and always shall be our hope. When we accept this hope, we are given a chance to be a reflection of who He is. Will you shine like He did in this dark and twisted world?

Love you all!

Have a great week!