Your Great Name

When I was a kid, my father would, with out fail, say a phrase every time we leave and return to the house. He would repeat this phrase so often that it burned into a habit straight into my mind, so that every time I left the house i would hear it in my mind. In fact, I still hear His voice and this phrase today and on occasion say it out loud. What is this phrase you ask?

“In the name of Jesus.”

He would say this every time! As a young pre-saved person, it left the impression that these words where some magical saying that would guarantee our safety as we traversed the “intense wilds” that was outside my door. It also led me to believe that my father was afraid that something bad was always going to happen. I mean why would we have to call on Jesus every time to protect us, if there wasn’t the off chance that danger would just take us and Jesus wasn’t on duty or something? It wasn’t until I began to get to know Jesus that I realized what my father meant by always invoking the name of Jesus. As an adult, I realize that bad things will happen. That missteps will be taken by either me or some other person that will affect me negatively. And even more so, bad things just happen outside of human influence. You just can’t predict when a circumstance overtakes you outside the realm of your control and you are surrounded in distress. You just can’t. But you know what you can do? Curb your attitude and reactions in those circumstances to better reflect the Glory that is Christ Jesus and that’s what my father meant! Not that Jesus was magically putting a forcefield around us preventing danger, but that by focusing of Jesus and all that He has done, we would in all things reflect Him in any circumstance. We would be the warriors, the representatives that battle sin through the victory and power of Christ Jesus.

I don’t know where you are at, but odds are that you are in a battle whether known to you and unbeknownst. You are looking for relief and even more, you are looking for victory and seems that Jesus is far from saving you.  Often times, life can be like a storm and you are barely surviving, clinging to life in your little boat. It is in these times of great distraction that Jesus appears not beside you but off in the distance in the storm itself. And although it may be a whisper, He is calling you to trust Him, step out of the boat and walk on water to Him. Not by your own power(cause you would sink every time), but by the power and in the name of Jesus Christ. Focus on Him my brothers and sisters and take that step of faith and obey Him! Find you’re rest and salvation in Christ Jesus! And in all things, live in the name of Jesus.

He is worthy. He was slain so that we would be saved!

Be Blessed my friends!


Come Thou Fount

Welcome back my friends!

Check out this rendition of  “Come Thou Fount”!

Come Thou Fount is just one of those songs that I believe will just last forever. It will always be sung by the lips of believers in Christ and will always glorify our God.  I personally love this song, but I wanted to dive deeper and search for the answer to the question… why has this song lasted all these years? And yes the answer might be relative to the person searching, but there is truth to uncover nonetheless and I want to encourage you today with these thoughts.

I think there is an innocence that comes out in these lyrics. It’s a prayer of a person humbling himself or herself before the Lord asking to be covered with love. Very much like a child to a parent.  And like a child, our hearts are often desperate, helpless and hungry. We are wanderers. We feel all these things at our very core and we would want nothing less than to be satisfied so that we are no longer surrounded by these things. We want to be completed. Loved. This is the song of hearts then and hearts now.  The song of a people crying for a savior. But this song is not just a cry for help but it is also a declaration of the worthiness of our God.  Yes, we are weak, but we declare that He is strong! We find that He can bind our wandering heart, He can tune our hearts to His grace, He can safely bring us home. He is capable and that’s where we find our hope! This theme of the lost being found is all over the lyrics of this song and as forgetful creatures, we need to sing this! We need to be reminded of who He is and who we are. This all starts with humbling ourselves before God and being completely honest with Him asking him purely and completely to take all that we are and bind us to Him.

I pray that your hearts are bound in love. And if you may currently categorize yourself as a wanderer, then there is no time like the present to come to Jesus. He is a faithful fount of blessing that is waiting to give you everything.

Be Blessed my friends.



From The Inside Out

Welcome back my friends to EoHG!

Let’s jump right in shall we…

I think often times we view living a life dedicated to worshiping God as a most difficult task to accomplish. I mean, there are so many things to change in our lives, so many principles to uphold, so many spiritual disciplines to maintain. God has commanded us to this life. To help, we look at Jesus, and if we are honest with ourselves, I think we wonder how can we ever measure up to Him? How can we do what He did? I mean, we even made the slogan “what would Jesus do?”, to remind us  that we have to do what He did in everything.  I would say that’s a bit overwhelming huh?  But I don’t think God meant to overwhelm us with this charge. I believe He meant to free us with His command.

The good news is, we can’t measure up to Christ, only Christ can do that. How is that good news you say? Because Christ has given us Himself as a substitute for the wrath that we deserve resulting in a debt that no longer has hold over us. Resulting in as well, freeing us from the burden of ever having to earn grace. Not that we can anyway, but I believe some of us, including myself at times, are stuck in that boat of “How can I get on God’s good side?” type of deal. Listen to me when I say that Christ’s blood covers us and instead having an identity of a sinner trying to imitate Christ, we are now a new creation trying to imitate Christ. There’s a big difference! We need to realize this, work surrounded by our salvation, and live freely the way God has intended!

I love “From The Inside Out” cause it is a reminder to me that it is not me, but Christ that lives in me. It is not a sinner faking it, but a redeemed child that just wants to be like his or her father. And thats the key my friends… want. Getting to a place where we want nothing more then to want to be like God is result of desperately seeking God, spending time with Him, falling in love with all that He is. Once we fill our hearts with His love, all these things that God has commanded us to do will not seem like a command any more. Instead it will be our pleasure and joy to live a lifestyle that reflects His glory forever and ever.

Where are you today? Be honest with yourself and assess where you are in your walk with Christ. Are you feeling like this “christian” life is too much? Or are you gladly taking on His charge knowing that it pleases the father you love?

Be free my friends.

Be Blessed.

Resonate Night of Worship

Hello my friends!

Welcome to back to the EoHG.

I am super excited about this upcoming Night of Worship at Resonate College Ministry! It’s going to be a night of seeking, singing, and interacting with God our father and creator! In preparation for the night, i want to ask you guys a few question to answer on your own…


1) Do I know God better today than I did last month or last year?

2) In what ways have I grown closer to God? In what ways have I grown distant?

3) Am I asking God about His plan for my life—or just forging on ahead, doing my own thing?

4) How has God blessed me regardless of my actions in this current season of life?

5) How has God blessed or disciplined me based on my actions?

5) Is there anything in my life that is holding me back from connecting with God? Am I too busy for God?

6) In what ways has God answered my prayers?

7) Am I hungry and desperate for more of Jesus?


Lastly, here are some of the songs we will be covering for worship night!

Have a blessed day everyone!


Hello my friends!

Welcome to another edition on EoHG. Today is a particularly special day for me!

I am most excited and honored to be sharing this original song with you guys!

Check it out! 

Often times in our life we run into a rut. This rut, at first seems like a weak opponent, so we ignore it, we move on. But as always, this rut begins to grow, fester and eventually becomes this massive canyon that seems impossible to overcome. What’s even more insane is that this rut can be one a many many things. It could be hate, ignorance, impatience, rudeness, and even faithlessness. What are we supposed to do when enemies such as these overtake us? What can be done? What can you do?

Well, in all honesty, and hear me when I say this… you can’t save yourself.

And best of all… God knows this.

But it’s not just that He just knows, He has a plan. And His plan was forming Himself into a human being to not only be the sacrifice for our sins, but ultimately and example of the invisible God. Jesus is the face of God in which only a few have seen, but now the whole world can gaze upon Him who is the Son of God.

And when we do gaze upon Him, when we focus on His glory and love, something amazing happens. We are pulled from the terrible rut that traps and ensnares us! This was and is His plan!! He saves us!! 

I wrote this song as a response to faithlessness I saw all around me, including myself. I wanted to lift up Him who is the ultimate example of faithfulness so that we can be inspired to act and be faithful as a reflection of Jesus Christ.

I hope you are all blessed by this song deeply and I cannot wait to sing it with you all!

Have a great rest of your week!