High Above It All

“Waters roar and mountains fall
You remain high above it all
You are high above it all
Kingdoms rage and nations shake
You remain high above it all 
You are high above it all, Almighty God”

Have you ever been in a bad situation or circumstance and you felt like there was no way out? Like there is nothing that you can thing that can make things better? Whether it was caused by a misunderstanding or you yourself made a bad decision somewhere, you are left surrounded by a mess that you have to deal with. Or in some cases not deal with and run away. Either way a mess is a mess and it’s hard to figure out what to do when you are in the middle of it.

Life can undoubtedly get this way. In fact, in your life, things will go wrong at some point.  And It’s not a matter of, “Why did God do this to me?” or “I thought God loved me?”. It’s a matter of sin. Sin entered this world and messed up everything for all of us. This world is not perfect. Our lives are not perfect. Nothing will ever be perfect here on planet earth until God comes and reclaims what is His and renews everything. But where is God? What is He doing now? Sitting on some distant throne pitying us from a far? By no means no! Is He still a sovereign King and loving Father? By all means yes!!

Yes, God reigns high above all this mess. Yes, His thoughts and ways are higher then our own, but that doesn’t mean He is distant when we face troubles. Before Jesus there was no way for us to connect with the father. No way for us to tether ourselves to hope. But with Jesus, all things are possible.  With Jesus, we now have a wonderful opportunity and ability  to take a step back from the mess and tune in to what God would have us do. And believe me, God can see the bigger  picture of whatever you are going through, because He is high above it all. Be encouraged my friends. Next time you face some sort of trial or conflict, do yourself a favor and be still. Take time to seek God, and know that He is your hope.

Be Blessed.


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