Angels We Have Heard On High

Have you ever wanted something so bad and for so long, that the moment you receive word that it is coming, you get so excited you can’t even contain it? You burst with energy! You’re spirit is high! The world seems like it’s the most beautiful thing you have ever seen! I think of a child whose told on their birthday that they are going to Disneyland. The rush of joy over them. The look on their face. Nothing could make them happier. Can you remember a time like that? Either in the distant past of the recently?

When the angels announced Christ’s coming I believe, all creation rejoiced! Just like that child, a rush of joy and excitement filled all of creation! Angels, heaven, earth, shepherds, the kings, Mary and Joseph knew the glory of the messiah was coming! The glory of the King was going to walk the earth bringing salvation with every step. Amazing!! Yet it seems that the only ones left out, were the rest of us….

People like those that never saw it coming. That never cared to look. That never knew they needed saving. Those that expected something else, perhaps their own answer to their problem. Those that would rather have something else than a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes. Those that were ignorant. And the truth is that this world is still filled with people like this. And what’s even more sad, is that the rest of us that know about Christ tend to slip back into this state of ignorance.

I know for myself, I need to be reminded that the most wonderful powerful amazing thing was given on that day. Much more that just a baby, but a savior of my heart and soul, a reason to rejoice and to have hope. This time is much more than just a holiday season but rather a time to join in all of creation in the continual song of glorifying the one who came to save.

Dig deep my friends, fill your hearts with hope and remember the gift that Jesus was, is, and will be to you and this world. Find your heart joining in with the song gloria, in eccelsis deo!!

Be Blessed my friends!


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