Your Great Name

When I was a kid, my father would, with out fail, say a phrase every time we leave and return to the house. He would repeat this phrase so often that it burned into a habit straight into my mind, so that every time I left the house i would hear it in my mind. In fact, I still hear His voice and this phrase today and on occasion say it out loud. What is this phrase you ask?

“In the name of Jesus.”

He would say this every time! As a young pre-saved person, it left the impression that these words where some magical saying that would guarantee our safety as we traversed the “intense wilds” that was outside my door. It also led me to believe that my father was afraid that something bad was always going to happen. I mean why would we have to call on Jesus every time to protect us, if there wasn’t the off chance that danger would just take us and Jesus wasn’t on duty or something? It wasn’t until I began to get to know Jesus that I realized what my father meant by always invoking the name of Jesus. As an adult, I realize that bad things will happen. That missteps will be taken by either me or some other person that will affect me negatively. And even more so, bad things just happen outside of human influence. You just can’t predict when a circumstance overtakes you outside the realm of your control and you are surrounded in distress. You just can’t. But you know what you can do? Curb your attitude and reactions in those circumstances to better reflect the Glory that is Christ Jesus and that’s what my father meant! Not that Jesus was magically putting a forcefield around us preventing danger, but that by focusing of Jesus and all that He has done, we would in all things reflect Him in any circumstance. We would be the warriors, the representatives that battle sin through the victory and power of Christ Jesus.

I don’t know where you are at, but odds are that you are in a battle whether known to you and unbeknownst. You are looking for relief and even more, you are looking for victory and seems that Jesus is far from saving you.  Often times, life can be like a storm and you are barely surviving, clinging to life in your little boat. It is in these times of great distraction that Jesus appears not beside you but off in the distance in the storm itself. And although it may be a whisper, He is calling you to trust Him, step out of the boat and walk on water to Him. Not by your own power(cause you would sink every time), but by the power and in the name of Jesus Christ. Focus on Him my brothers and sisters and take that step of faith and obey Him! Find you’re rest and salvation in Christ Jesus! And in all things, live in the name of Jesus.

He is worthy. He was slain so that we would be saved!

Be Blessed my friends!


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