Come Thou Fount

Welcome back my friends!

Check out this rendition of  “Come Thou Fount”!

Come Thou Fount is just one of those songs that I believe will just last forever. It will always be sung by the lips of believers in Christ and will always glorify our God.  I personally love this song, but I wanted to dive deeper and search for the answer to the question… why has this song lasted all these years? And yes the answer might be relative to the person searching, but there is truth to uncover nonetheless and I want to encourage you today with these thoughts.

I think there is an innocence that comes out in these lyrics. It’s a prayer of a person humbling himself or herself before the Lord asking to be covered with love. Very much like a child to a parent.  And like a child, our hearts are often desperate, helpless and hungry. We are wanderers. We feel all these things at our very core and we would want nothing less than to be satisfied so that we are no longer surrounded by these things. We want to be completed. Loved. This is the song of hearts then and hearts now.  The song of a people crying for a savior. But this song is not just a cry for help but it is also a declaration of the worthiness of our God.  Yes, we are weak, but we declare that He is strong! We find that He can bind our wandering heart, He can tune our hearts to His grace, He can safely bring us home. He is capable and that’s where we find our hope! This theme of the lost being found is all over the lyrics of this song and as forgetful creatures, we need to sing this! We need to be reminded of who He is and who we are. This all starts with humbling ourselves before God and being completely honest with Him asking him purely and completely to take all that we are and bind us to Him.

I pray that your hearts are bound in love. And if you may currently categorize yourself as a wanderer, then there is no time like the present to come to Jesus. He is a faithful fount of blessing that is waiting to give you everything.

Be Blessed my friends.




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