From The Inside Out

Welcome back my friends to EoHG!

Let’s jump right in shall we…

I think often times we view living a life dedicated to worshiping God as a most difficult task to accomplish. I mean, there are so many things to change in our lives, so many principles to uphold, so many spiritual disciplines to maintain. God has commanded us to this life. To help, we look at Jesus, and if we are honest with ourselves, I think we wonder how can we ever measure up to Him? How can we do what He did? I mean, we even made the slogan “what would Jesus do?”, to remind us  that we have to do what He did in everything.  I would say that’s a bit overwhelming huh?  But I don’t think God meant to overwhelm us with this charge. I believe He meant to free us with His command.

The good news is, we can’t measure up to Christ, only Christ can do that. How is that good news you say? Because Christ has given us Himself as a substitute for the wrath that we deserve resulting in a debt that no longer has hold over us. Resulting in as well, freeing us from the burden of ever having to earn grace. Not that we can anyway, but I believe some of us, including myself at times, are stuck in that boat of “How can I get on God’s good side?” type of deal. Listen to me when I say that Christ’s blood covers us and instead having an identity of a sinner trying to imitate Christ, we are now a new creation trying to imitate Christ. There’s a big difference! We need to realize this, work surrounded by our salvation, and live freely the way God has intended!

I love “From The Inside Out” cause it is a reminder to me that it is not me, but Christ that lives in me. It is not a sinner faking it, but a redeemed child that just wants to be like his or her father. And thats the key my friends… want. Getting to a place where we want nothing more then to want to be like God is result of desperately seeking God, spending time with Him, falling in love with all that He is. Once we fill our hearts with His love, all these things that God has commanded us to do will not seem like a command any more. Instead it will be our pleasure and joy to live a lifestyle that reflects His glory forever and ever.

Where are you today? Be honest with yourself and assess where you are in your walk with Christ. Are you feeling like this “christian” life is too much? Or are you gladly taking on His charge knowing that it pleases the father you love?

Be free my friends.

Be Blessed.


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