Resonate Night of Worship

Hello my friends!

Welcome to back to the EoHG.

I am super excited about this upcoming Night of Worship at Resonate College Ministry! It’s going to be a night of seeking, singing, and interacting with God our father and creator! In preparation for the night, i want to ask you guys a few question to answer on your own…


1) Do I know God better today than I did last month or last year?

2) In what ways have I grown closer to God? In what ways have I grown distant?

3) Am I asking God about His plan for my life—or just forging on ahead, doing my own thing?

4) How has God blessed me regardless of my actions in this current season of life?

5) How has God blessed or disciplined me based on my actions?

5) Is there anything in my life that is holding me back from connecting with God? Am I too busy for God?

6) In what ways has God answered my prayers?

7) Am I hungry and desperate for more of Jesus?


Lastly, here are some of the songs we will be covering for worship night!

Have a blessed day everyone!


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