Hello my friends!

Welcome to another edition on EoHG. Today is a particularly special day for me!

I am most excited and honored to be sharing this original song with you guys!

Check it out! 

Often times in our life we run into a rut. This rut, at first seems like a weak opponent, so we ignore it, we move on. But as always, this rut begins to grow, fester and eventually becomes this massive canyon that seems impossible to overcome. What’s even more insane is that this rut can be one a many many things. It could be hate, ignorance, impatience, rudeness, and even faithlessness. What are we supposed to do when enemies such as these overtake us? What can be done? What can you do?

Well, in all honesty, and hear me when I say this… you can’t save yourself.

And best of all… God knows this.

But it’s not just that He just knows, He has a plan. And His plan was forming Himself into a human being to not only be the sacrifice for our sins, but ultimately and example of the invisible God. Jesus is the face of God in which only a few have seen, but now the whole world can gaze upon Him who is the Son of God.

And when we do gaze upon Him, when we focus on His glory and love, something amazing happens. We are pulled from the terrible rut that traps and ensnares us! This was and is His plan!! He saves us!! 

I wrote this song as a response to faithlessness I saw all around me, including myself. I wanted to lift up Him who is the ultimate example of faithfulness so that we can be inspired to act and be faithful as a reflection of Jesus Christ.

I hope you are all blessed by this song deeply and I cannot wait to sing it with you all!

Have a great rest of your week!



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