My Everything

Hello my friends!

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled EoHG.

Before we jump in, check out this song!

There is something very sobering about coming to place in your life when you realize that every good thing that you have, had and will have is a gift from God. This thought can be very liberating and also very humbling. Cause not only do you realize that ultimately you are not in control but you eventually discover that that is a good thing!  Why? Because the sovereign God of all of existence is a God who wishes to lavish us with all of His love! He gives us what we need when we need it, even when we don’t realize it.  He will take care of us! And honestly, who is more qualified? No one is greater than He! He is rich in love and mercy. And He is always patient and kind! He is constantly opening His hand to us so that we might take hold of blessings beyond measure. But that’s the trick isn’t it? We have to take hold. We have to step up and obey. We have to take ownership of our inheritance and claim it as our own through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  Everything that is good for us where we are at now is waiting for us.

So, I challenge you to seek His face in all that you do! Look for those blessings, because they are there! Be faithful to the Lord for He is faithful! Make Him your everything and taste and see that He is good. In fact He is the only thing that is good.

Have a great rest of your week my friends.

Be Blessed


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