Christ Is Enough

Hello again my friends!

Check out this lovely song!

The truth is, everyone searches for things in this life in the hopes that these things will complete us and often we seem to look in all the wrong places. Whether its about obtaining money, relationships, safety, security, or completing dreams, we will go to the ends of the earth if we deem it worthy of being able to fulfill us. But unfortunately it will all amount to nothing in the end. (I know, a tough pill to swallow.)

What drives a person run hard after these things? What drives me? What drives you? I submit that at the core of every human being is a defaulted idea to strive for something more.  And also this something has, is and always shall be God. God is the reason we all exist. It is in His wisdom and Glory that He put us this earth and it is in His wisdom and Glory that we live. We live!! We move and breath and feel. We are like sponges, we take in every second of every day into our souls, our minds, our hearts. And whatever we deem good, we want more!! We are accustomed for more. Built for more.  That is EXACTLY how God designed us!

And the catch? (cause there’s always a catch right?) Sin has mangled our ability to discern with is enough for us.  By default now, we have a twisted idea as to what will make us happy.  Without clarity and guidance by the Holy Spirit, we run and chase after useless things, fake imitations, and deceiving mirages. Everything we chase after by our own accord will never ever be enough.

But guess what?? Heaven has a beautiful answer to your searching problems and has practically placed Him at your door step. Christ is the culmination of everything we are looking for, He is the bridge on which we have access to God Himself. Meaning we have access to something and IS enough for us! Last I checked, God is limitless in resources, love, power, grace and much more. He is enough for us.

But all this will never be enough for us, if we do not open that door and let Him in. If we never taste and see that the Lord is good we will be cursed to walk this land in a pursuit that will never satisfy. And for those of you that have opened that door, keep it open! Us humans, have a nasty habit of forgetting what’s important, of forgetting that He is important. So I say to you, abide in Him and continue a walk of fulfillment with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Be Blessed.



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