You Never Let Go

Hello again my friends!

I hope that you are all having a good week so far!

But just incase you aren’t, I have a song for you. 🙂

No matter who you are or where you are from, you cannot deny that we all desire to be apart of something bigger. We want to feel like someone important to someone else. We want to be treated like we are special and worthy of something greater than what we have. This desire is in us from the very day we are born. As babies we were satisfied by our parents and treated like a great treasure… and we still are, but somewhere along the lines, we begin to think that that isn’t enough. It is great, but it’s not enough. Then maybe we obtain amazing friends. And although friendship can be truly a rewarding thing, we begin to realize it’s not enough. Say you are in a relationship with someone very special to you and you believe that that person is the one.  A relationship like that can miraculously be the most amazing thing you have ever experienced. But, I have a sneaky suspicion that deep down, deeper than you ever dare dreamed, it is not enough. The truth is our hunger is endless and cannot be quenched by these earthly things.

What is one of the most amazing things to consider about our God is that He has the ability to reach into your heart deeper than anything that this world has to offer and He can fill it with the most beautiful, the most amazing, unending things. And not just any old thing but endless love, overwhelming peace, and boundless patience, and loving kindness, unwavering goodness, unfailing faithfulness, life giving gentleness and unbreakable self control. He can transcend and transform your very sin nature and turn it into something beautiful. He can satisfy any need! Quench any thirst! And on top of all that… He will never let us go. What a God to be praised and adored! To find refuge in! To lean on! To depend on! This is our God, our father, creator.

Consider this last thing as well my friends… He will not reach in and satisfy until you step up and open your heart to Him. Just like how a friend doesn’t become a friend until you are a friend, or a person doesn’t become your spouse until open up your heart. Our father does not force you to do anything but rather waits patiently for you to come. Isn’t that better anyway?

Be Blessed my friends.


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