Sing Forever

My Friends!

I hope you are all having a great week.

Check out this song! 🙂

Our life, in essence is a life of ceaseless worship. We are continuously doing something for someone or something. Whether it’s money, friendships, gaining knowledge, etc, we will our lives for these things. Furthermore,  whether we like it or not, we will always be in service of one of these “masters”. I guess the next logical step would be to consider for yourself… what master am I serving?

Well, The bible makes it clear that life is full of choices that we make. And every decision has a motivation behind it and a consequence before it. The bible also makes it super easy for us in distinguishing what categories our choices fall under. That would be either sin and righteousness, right or wrong.  Amazingly, when choosing righteousness by the grace of God, He promises us life and life abundant. He promises a life of purpose, a life of hope and endless love. A life where we can be safe forever and life that will continue on forever into eternity with Him after this life on earth ends.

When I hear this song, I think of the way my life should be on earth. A life a worshiping and loving the King, our Master and our Father. A life of complete and utter surrender to A God who gives us FREEDOM from sin and death! We, as sons and daughters in Christ, have the ability to catch a glimpse of heaven each an every single time we walk in surrender with Jesus!  We can sing praises that He so richly deserves and we can experience life the way it should be… to the fullest!! And it all starts today! It all starts now. And however great this life can get, it is a shadow compared to what truly awaits us.

Truly we have been given a reason to sing forever. Will you sing? Will you surrender?

Be blessed my friends.


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