Hello my friends!

What a wonderful day it is today!

Check out this song we are going to sing. It’s an oldie but a goodie. 🙂

God is so great and far above anything we can understand. All creation shouts His praise. The oceans, the mountains, the stars in the sky, everything on this earth is a testament to who He is. They bring praise to Him who is awesome without saying a word. Isn’t that crazy? Have you every thought about that? How does a sunset bring God glory? What exactly does it take for something or someone to give God the Glory?

I submit to you that if what ever God created functions exactly how it was supposed to, it brings Him glory. If it doesn’t, it ceases to glorify God.  For instance, if a tree ceases to do everything a tree does (provide shade, produce oxygen, produce fruit, etc.) it is no longer a tree that we come to understand. Its purposeless, it has no reason why it exists. It dies. It ceases to bring Him Glory because it doesn’t function the way God intended it to function. But trees can’t choose to not function the way it was supposed to right? That would be ludicrous; to go against it’s own creator and do what ever it wanted. Good thing tree’s don’t have their own will. I rather like apples.

But you know who does have the ability to choose?

You guessed it… you! My friends, we have the God given capability to refuse to  join creation and worship God. We can do our own thing. We can refuse to operate against the function in which we where created. We can make our own decisions and in turn live our own life! …But all that comes with a heavy price, a wage of death. Think about it, what a miserable life it is to go against everything you where created for. Making that choice leads to a life of sadness, meaningless, hopeless, loveless, etc, etc.

Where are you today? What are you doing that is bringing God glory and in turn bring you to life? What is it that you are not doing and in turning bringing about death?

Just thoughts to ponder. I can’t wait to sing this song with you all and bring Him glory!

I love you all. Peace.



  1. I love this song. God is so good to us. We don’t deserve this life, let alone the life we have gained through the death and resurrection of Christ. It’s black and white to me.. Gain life through fulfilling your purpose or don’t gain life by choosing not to fulfill your purpose.

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