The Anthem

Aloha my friends!

Welcome back to EoHG!

Check out this song we are going to sing this sunday!

All of our hope, all of our peace, all our joy, all our faith, all our of love rests on one thing. This thing is the focal point that can make sense of this messy, crazy life. It is the eye of the hurricane, it’s the cornerstone that gives structure and life to all we believe.  It is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

So many times in this life we forget this. We forget that the victory has already been won for us. We forget that there is a Loving Father who cares about every detail of our lives. We forget that we have a Just Father that will discipline His children. We forget that God is a Faithful God through all our trials. We forget that everything we do In Christ will not fail!! We go on as if all is lost. This is the biggest lie that Satan wants us to believe! It is the furtherest from the truth! We are found because of Jesus! We have life because of Jesus! We have power and self discipline because of Jesus!!

What is it that you have forgotten?

Because odds are there is something that you are not resting in. We all have that kind of thing.  You are toiling, you are anxious, you are trying to work this on your own. If we are honest with God He will reveal it and He will ask you to give it up.

I challenge you to lay this and EVERYTHING at the foot of the cross.

REMEMBER… we have victory, we have hope, we have joy, we have strength, we have the answer that will guide us through this life and it all rests on what He has done for us on that cross! As long as we lean on this, we can be victorious in all we do.



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