Burning Ones

Holla my amigos,

Welcome to another edition of EoHG,

We have an awesome song for you this week! Check it out.

The point in which we turn and look upon the face of Christ is a life-changing, soul-burning moment. It is a paradigm shift. If we truly ask Him to come into our lives, we are consumed by all that He is, all His Holiness, We are transformed into something better. God is not a god of little power. He is a God that gives you freely His own power and holiness through the Holy Spirit. We often times forget that the God we worship is still the same God that performed all those great miracles in the past. The same God that laid the foundations of the earth and placed the light in the sky and much more. He is the same God that CAN do GREAT things in your life! So why are the bunch of us, including myself, sometimes feel like thats not true? What does it take to see greatness? The bible says, “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they will see God.” That my friends, is a promise that will never fail us. But before that promise can be fulfilled, the first step is cultivating a pure heart. How do you do that? 1 Peter 1:22 says, “Having purified your souls by your obedience to the truth for a sincere brotherly love, love one another earnestly from a pure heart,” So what does it take to gain a pure heart? …Obedience.

This song is a call to come before the Lord Almighty, and humble yourself. To look upon the face of God is to put yourself last. To set things right in your life. He is ever faithful and is eager to take up your heart and fill it with wisdom and courage. All He is waiting for is you. Will you answer the call to be obedient? If you will greatness awaits.

Be Blessed my friends


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  1. Great song! And I love the challenge to be obedient to God and His word so that we can see God and all His greatness. As we seek God and stay in close fellowship with Him, He is able to use us for his purposes.

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