Revelation Song

Hello my friends,

Welcome to another glorious edition of EoHG.

This week has been a very interesting week… Without going into to much detail God, has challenged His position in my life. What I mean by that is, He has asked me, “Am I your everything?” What a big question! And I don’t know about you, but this isn’t the first time He’s asked me that. I usually answer, “Of course you are God. You are my everything.” But If i am going to be honest, I really mean it only when the time is right for me, or convenient for me. When distracting circumstances come my way, it gets increasingly hard to say that with all my heart, let alone when I feel like He is “distant”. It’s almost like God is trying to connect with me face to face and I have my face stuck on my phone looking at Facebook or something. LAME!! Have you tried talking to someone about something important and all they do is stare at their phone or something else?? It would make you feel very very very unimportant.

But here is where it gets interesting… Instead of God feeling worthless and leaving us be, His heart breaks for us BECAUSE we are hurting ourselves by being distant from him!!! That’s right folks, WE are the distant ones. He doesn’t want your attention just because He wants to feel good about Himself. He wants it because when we look upon the face of the Lord, we are lifted up, we are encouraged, we are rescued, we are shaken from apathy!! And God wants that for YOU!! He wants you to set your gaze on the glorious, not something or someone that will ultimately fail you and let you down.

Where are you today? We will be singing this following song this sunday, make it be a time of surrender.

Like always, I can’t wait to sing with you all.

Be Blessed



  1. I totally hate it when I’m having a conversation with someone and then all of a sudden they are just looking at their phone! So yes.. I can totally see how God feels when we treat Him like that.

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