10,000 Reasons

Alright my friends,

Next entry into the Resonate song roster is 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Check it out below.

There’s something about a simple song that is just purely about worshiping God in all of His Glory. I think this type of song really connects with, well, our souls just like the song depicts. Our souls constantly cry outward. Our hearts want more then what we have seen or heard here on earth. We desire something eternal. We desire to be fulfilled in total and perfect completion. We are desperate for a love that is never unending. And whats awesome is we are MADE to receive such Glory!! Such perfection!! And one day we will shall receive it in full for those who in Christ Jesus.  This song, I believe, captures the essence and simplicity of our life’s purpose. And isn’t that another thing we want… a purpose… but I digress. My prayer for you all is that you cast aside any wants, any doubts, and lift Him up above all, above all the mess, all the hurt, all the pain, all the worry. Be FREE my friends and worship His Holy name.

Can’t wait to sing it with you all this Sunday!

Be Blessed my brothers and sisters.


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